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ANP candidate withdraws in-favor of MQM-P from NA-242

A News channel reported that the Awami National Party (ANP) candidate said on Monday that they would support the Muttahida Qaumi Movement–Pakistan (MQM-P) and drop out of the NA-242 race in the general election 2024.

Mustafa Kamal, the leader of the MQM-P, met with the leaders of the Awami National Party (ANP) while he was at their office in Baldia Town.

In the NA-242 constituency, the ANP candidate Arshad Sohail dropped out in favor of Mustafa Kamal of the MQM-P.

In a statement, Mustafa Kamal said that the strategic partnership between the ANP and the MQM-P would bring peace and progress to Sindh.

The ANP recently said that they will support MQM-P candidates in five constituencies in Karachi South in the 2024 General Elections “no matter what.”

The MQM-P delegation called on ANP Sindh leaders, and during the call, the ANP Sindh leaders said they would withdraw their candidates from NA-240 and NA-241 in favor of the. The MQM-P’s Dr. Arshad Vohra and Dr. Farooq Sattar are running for office from NA-240 and NA-241, respectively.

The ANP also pulled its candidates from PS-108, PS-109, and PS-110, but they said they would still support the MQM-P candidates no matter what. Someone from the ANP said that the decision was also approved by the party’s Sindh President, Shahi Syed.

Along with Dr. Arshad Vohra, Dilawar Khan, and Iftikhar Qaim Khani from the MQM-P, Haji Hanif, Shah Agha, and Ishaq Swati from the ANP were also at the meeting.

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This happened just hours after the MQM-P said it would back ANP Sindh President Shahi Syed as a candidate for PS-88 Karachi in the 2024 general election.

Senior Deputy Convener of MQM-P Syed Mustafa Kamal told a joint press conference that his party would always back Shahi Syed of ANP.

He said that the deal between the two parties in Karachi was a historic moment in both provincial and central politics. In response to Kamal’s comments, Shahi Syed said that the problems in the provincial capital will be solved by both parties because the ANP also “has” the power on the streets.

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