Homeless man arrested after beating Indian student to death in US

According to reports from local media and the police, an Indian student was killed in Georgia, United States, by a homeless man that the student had been feeding and housing.

Wion said that video from a security camera showed Julian Faulkner, 53, hitting Vivek Saini, 25, over and over with a hammer.

People who worked at the Chevron Food Mart told police that they had let a homeless man come and go from the store for almost two days before the attack.

Someone who didn’t want to be named told WSB-TV that Faulkner would ask for Coke and chips, and they would give him “everything, even the water.”

The worker also told the news organization that the man sat in the store “all the time” and that they never asked him to leave because it was so cold.

Before midnight on January 16, Saini, who moved to the US from Haryana, India, two years before, told Faulkner to leave or he would call the police. Saini reportedly worked part-time as a clerk at the store.

Police say Faulkner attacked the Indian student as he was getting ready to leave.

The worker told the news station, “He hit him from the back and then kept hitting him on the face and head about 50 times.”

Faulkner was standing over Saini’s dead body when the police arrived. At the scene, they said he was dead.

Faulkner was arrested right away and is still being held in the DeKalb County Jail. He is now being charged with felony murder and tampering with government property.

As the investigation went on, it came to light that the police who arrested Faulkner also found two knives and a hammer on him.

The attack made headlines all over India, and the Consulate General of India in Atlanta strongly condemned it. They also said they are in touch with the victim’s family.

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