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Why Students need to move to Regional for Australian PR? Meet-Up and Q&A session with Australian immigration minister Andrew Giles!

On Saturday, Melbourne Seniors Association organised a meet-up with Australian Immigration Minister and other local MPs to celebrate Labor party success in the Election.

Many international students, community leaders and seniors joined this Meet-up.

In this meet-up many people asked questions from immigration minister and other MPs about their concerns. Minister and MPs replied them very well and ensured that soon they will focus on it and try to resolve them.

In this blog we will try to cover the two major questions asked to the immigration minister Andrew Giles.

The first question asked by the Pakistani Community in Australia leader Mr. Danish Naqash asked that Why Pakistan is not in fast visa processing list or Why Fast visa processing service is not available for Pakistani Nationals or Passport holders?

Many countries are in the Fast visa processing list like India, China etc., their Nationals just need to pay some extra service charges and immigration decide that application just in 1 to 2 days. But, Unfortunately this service is not available for the Pakistani nationals.

Immigration Minister Mr. Andrew Giles replied that their main focus is currently on finding the resources, hiring new workers and after that work on loop holes. He ensured that after that they will work on it.

As we all know and you guys also checked our recent blogs that immigration is hiring new workers, PM Anthony Albanese also talked about in his first Cabinet meeting that they have started working on Backlogs.

Check out the video below and listen what immigration minister said:

Second and very interesting question asked by a Pakistani International student who is graduating soon.

He asked that: ” Why international students need to move to other states especially regional areas of Australia for Australian Permanent Residency or any other visas leading to Australian PR? We have made so many friends here. We have such a good position in the state where we live.

And currently, the employer whom we are working for, they are looking for the employees who can work like building and construction in trailing, and they’re also looking for the trailing.

And some of the homes are not being constructed all the time, like the properties that have been delayed for so many months and times.

So, hopefully all the international students, we are looking for some positive outcome. And as most of you are like in pandemic vista, Scott Morrison has told us to go back to our own country.

But I hope so that labor would do something better for us, for our parents, because we haven’t been through our country and met our parents in three, four years. And I hope that you will also do something better for international students.”

Immigration Minister replied that: A couple of things. In terms of the specifics, I haven’t had a chance to speak to our new education minister, Jason Claire, about his thinking about this.

So I won’t speculate. But I’ll make a couple of observations. Firstly, international education is Victoria’s biggest export earners. So we’ve got a big reason to make sure we get the system up and running.

Beyond that, I think as a Melbourne, the expansion in international education, I think has transformed our city as a citizen in the most amazing and wonderful way.

And if we think about why people like Melbourne and why people want to come to Melbourne, I think it’s international students presence that have really transformed. And I remember one day, I never heard of bubble tea.

Then every second shop in the city as one example of thousands of our social fabric has changed. Part of making sure that this journey keeps going involves recognizing what hasn’t worked.

And the biggest thing was the cruelty of abandoning international students without any income support and telling people to go home.

That was outrageous. We obviously said so at the time. But it’s something I’m sure in many places and many families wanting to go. We know we’ve got to rebuild relationships.

We’ve got to think about as we restart our migration program more broadly, think about the sort of conditions that we want to apply to people coming here as international students to sort of respect we want to apply to them how we want to engage with the institutions as well.

Check out the attached video to see the physical reaction of immigration minister about this question:

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