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Karachi police arrest four men for smuggling Irani Diesel

ARY News reported on Monday that Karachi police said they had arrested four people who were involved in smuggling diesel from the Manghopir area that hadn’t been paid for.

The police arrested four people and then took away two trucks carrying more than 1,900 liters of Irani Diesel, according to the details.

A case had been filed against the people who were arrested; their names were Asghar, Fida Hussain, Barsat, and Abdul Qadir.

The police said that the people they thought were responsible were sneaking in Irani Diesel by saying they were transporting vegetables in the city.

Earlier, the Medina Colony Police in Karachi stopped a major attempt to smuggle millions of dollars worth of goods that were not supposed to be there.

Someone who was involved in the smuggling operation was arrested during the operation on the Hub River Road, and 170 bags of illegal goods were found.

The goods that were seized were found hidden in a passenger bus coming from Quetta. They included 45 bundles of gas pipes, 10 cartons of cigarettes, 10 boxes of chocolates, 20 cartons of milk, and 10 cartons of cigarettes.

Law enforcement in the area moved quickly to arrest the suspect and file a case against them at the Medina Colony police station.

In a separate case, Pakistani customs intelligence stopped a million-dollar attempt to smuggle chalia (betel nuts) on the Northern Bypass in Karachi.

As the story goes, Pakistan Customs’ anti-smuggling team stopped a dumper on the northern bypass of Karachi as part of an operation based on intelligence.

The people at customs said that the dumper was part of a convoy with a few other cars. They also said that the dangerous drug chalia (betel nuts) was hidden in the rocks.

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