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Mohammad Amir says that Babar is not nearly as good as Kohli

Mohammad Amir, a former Pakistani pacer, has weighed in on the never-ending question about whether Virat Kohli or Babar Azam is the better batter. Kohli and Azam are two of the best batsmen in cricket today.

Mohammad Amir said in an interview that both he and Kohli are very talented and do well, but it would be hard to beat what Kohli has done in his career.

Mohammad Amir thinks that Shaheen Afridi can become an all-around player.

The former pacer called Kohli a great cricketer and said that in his over a decade-long career, he has done things that other batters in the world could only dream of.

“I don’t think any other player will ever reach what Virat has done in his career. Amir said, “I don’t think any other cricket player will come close to him.”

There has been a lot of talk about which of these two great batsmen is better for a long time, and many past Pakistani and Indian cricketers have given their opinions.

Some past cricket players and experts think that the all-format captain has an edge over Virat Kohli, while others, like Amir, think that Kohli is the better batter.

Even though people will keep arguing about who is the better hitter, there is no doubt that both Kohli and Babar are very talented and have already made their mark on cricket.

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