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Now Pakistanis Can Travel to 30+ Countries Without Visa

Good news for tourists from Pakistan! Thanks to agreements that Pakistan has made with other countries, people with passports from Pakistan can now go to more than 30 countries without a visa or with entry upon arrival.

The move is part of what the government is doing to encourage tourism and get along better with other countries.

Pakistani card holders don’t need visas to visit Turkey, Qatar, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and a lot of other places. Now, people from Pakistan can go there for fun, work, or school without having to worry about getting a permit.

As more tourists and investors come to the country, the plan is expected to help the economy. The government thinks this will help the economy grow and create more jobs across the country.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has thanked the countries that have made it easier for Pakistani citizens to get visas, pointing out that this will strengthen mutual ties and help people learn about other cultures.

Pakistani travellers should check the most up-to-date visa rules and laws for the countries they want to visit, as visa requirements can change often.

As more and more countries open their doors to travellers from Pakistan, it’s an exciting time for them. They can now go to new places without worrying about visa limits.

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