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The Pakistani Community in Australia (PCIA) PTY LTD is a non-religious and non-political registered Company  formed by Pakistani’s for their fellow Pakistani who are in Australia and wish to come to this new homeland of ours.The Company sole purpose is to eliminate differences arising within the Pakistani Community here in Australia and to stand together, united as one as the father of the nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had proudly enforced among us. The benefit from this Company to our fellow citizens would be to educate, support, comfort, familiarize, indulge and accept each other in time of need and happiness to this lovely country we called as our new home.Our mission is to create a society were marginalized and vulnerable community is social, economically & politically empowered through their active participation.

The Company is dedicated to assist people who have recently moved to Australia, and help them stand on their feet. We would try and help people who are struggling to get accommodation, job or need any guidance regarding living or moving to Australia. We would inshallah arrange community or/and cultural events which encourage people within the community. Please come together join us in our venture to embrace this land as our own and practise our norms in this unbiased, balanced and fair environment. INSHALLAH we will do it together with Unity among ourselves, Faith in ALLAH and Discipline among our ranks.

Together WE Stand … Divided WE fall!!!

PAKISTAN Zindabad … Paindabad
P.S: Posts related to a particular religion ,political party direct and harassment are strongly discouraged and would result in BAN from the page. Repetitive marketing or spamming of any kind is also very strongly discouraged. Please refrain from Explicit Language and Threatening Messages as they could be used as evidence in a court of law. note: Admin has rights to kick out anyone from this group without acknowledging. can decline any business post if they want.If you would like to report misuse of the group or approach for guidance, please contact the admin for further feedback.contact us Via email Support@pcia.info
PCIA mobile app is now Available on Apple and Android Please spread the words.Apple Store download. Name of App :PCIA https://apps.apple.com/au/app/pcia/id1513660914 Andriod https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pcia App has some great Features. ✔️Important Announcement for Community ✔️Market place ✔️Nearest Mosque Location ✔️Nearest Islamic School ✔️Halal Groceries (10,000 Products) ✔️Nearest Halal restaurants ✔️Visa Inquires ✔️Post Room ads ✔️Podcast ( Looking for Rj’s for this) ✔️Blogs and VideosYour feedback is Valuable for us. Danish Naqash (Admin/Founder) Pakistani Community in Australia (PCIA)Website Link www.pcia.info

Contact Us Email Us: support@pcia.info