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What is Difference between s57 Natural Justice and s56 Request for more information?

During the process of reviewing the application, a representative from the Department of Home Affairs may send a request to the sponsor and/or the applicant for additional relevant information.

What is IMMI s56 Request for More Information and How to Deal with it?

If you receive an IMMI s56 Request for More Information (‘s56 Request’) from the Department of Home Affairs, this does not always indicate that you are in trouble.

Section 56 Requests are frequently simple and straightforward requests from your case officer requiring you to provide additional information or supporting documents to assist the case officer in processing your Australian visa or Australian citizenship application. S56 Request generally advises an applicant to provide the necessary information within the time frame specified (often that given time is 28 days, but it may vary).

As a result, you must keep an eye on that date because if you do not respond to that request within the specified time frame, the case officer may decide on your application without further delay. That is, if the case officer cannot locate the necessary information to support your application, the case officer may be dissatisfied with your Australian visa application and may refuse it.

Furthermore, s56 Request for More Information is usually split into two documents. You must carefully read them, identify the critical instructions, and follow them. Among other things, you must find the date by which you must provide the required information in one document (typically titled “s56 Request for More Information”). It may also advise you on how to provide the necessary information.

The details of the required information/documents can be found in the other document (usually titled “Request Checklist And Details”). You are also likely to find a detailed version of examples of what the case officer expects from you in response to that s56 Request in this document. Again, you must carefully read everything and plan how and when you will provide the necessary information.

What is s57 Natural Justice letter to comment? How to Deal with it?

You must provide accurate and truthful information when applying for an Australian visa with the Department of Home Affairs (DHA). The Department has many safeguards in place to ensure that all information provided by the applicant and sponsors is accurate.

If you or any member of your family unit fails to meet Public Interest Criterion (PIC) 4020, the Department may deny your visa application:

  • DHA is not satisfied with your identity
  • provide fake papers or false and misleading information about your current visa application
  • submitted fake documents or false and misleading information about a visa you held in the 12 months preceding your current application

The people at immigration are not so bad. When a case officer believes that your visa application should be denied, you will usually receive a letter under section 57 of the Migration Act.

The department has been nice and polite. The purpose of the section 57 letter, also known as a natural justice letter, is to allow you to recover from a likely refusal position.

It’s possible that the decision-maker overlooked something fundamental, and that something critical to the application is simply missing from the departmental file.

It is also possible that very basic requirements of criteria that must be met either at the time of application or at the time of decision appear to the case officer to be unmet.

This letter is a chance for the case officer to be fair to you. Yes, they can be nice! What you must do is ensure that your application has merit in light of the departmental officer’s concern or concerns raised in their letter.

If your application lacks merit, you may be better off withdrawing it.

Whether you should respond to the letter or simply withdraw your application requires careful consideration.

One thing We see all the time is people who provided far more information than is required in relation to the letter.

Providing incorrect information, too much information, or information responses that are not properly worded or do not address the point being raised will undoubtedly prejudice your already vulnerable position.

Disclaimer: In this article we are sharing the information which we collected from various sources. For proper migration advice, Contact to a Registered Migration Agent.

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