Taylor Swift Grammy win makes Kendrick Perkins predict ‘something sweet’ for Super Bowl

Although Kendrick Perkins was pitching for the Super Bowl, Taylor Swift was the most popular performer at the 2024 Grammy Awards. Her relationship with Travis Kelce was also a major factor in the games’ popularity.

As a result of her Grammy victory for Album of the Year and other honors, the ESPN analyst believes that Taylor Swift has a good chance of winning the best football prize, second only to the championship. This is according to Essentially Sports.

One of his posts on X was a joke in which he said, “Taylor winning the Grammy and Super Bowl MVP within seven days is going to be crazy.” It is only natural that he is dropping hints that the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs might win the Most Valuable Player award for her after the game that held the most significance on February 11th.

He is of the opinion that Swift ought to be awarded the Most Valuable Player award solely for the NFL business that she has brought in.

Swift’s trophy collection would be elevated by one level as a result of this. This evening, she added the titles of Artist of the Year and Best Pop Vocal Album to her list of successful accomplishments.

In addition, she disclosed that she had released a new album titled “The Tortured Poets Department” while she was attending the award ceremony.

That ought to make Perkins the happiest person on the face of the earth. The fact that he made a passing reference to the halftime show that everyone, including Taylor Swift, has been anticipating was a clear indication that he was suffering from severe Swiftie Syndrome.

It is more likely that Taylor Swift will perform… What the hell, she’s going to show up regardless! Those damn Kelce and Mahomes just keep making things happen, and it’s getting worse.

All Swifties who are exhibiting the same behavior are being represented by him in this statement. The previous sentence made a passing reference to the difficult victory that Kelce and Mahomes were able to achieve. The Chiefs, on the other hand, are extremely fortunate to have Taylor Swift in their midst.

Immediately following her victory at the Grammy Awards, Swift will come together with Chiefs fans on Sunday. As a matter of fact, she was the talk of the town when she was on the field congratulating Kelce on the victory to the American Football Conference.

Fans of Swift will rejoice even more if Kelce is awarded the Most Valuable Player award and the Chiefs are able to bring home the championship ring.

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